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What We Do

National Roller Supply is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Nylasint ink rollers in the world. We have 

been supplying customers with the high quality ink rollers available since 1980.  National Roller Supply

manufactures stock rollers for all major imprinter manufacturers, like Newbold, Addressograph, American 

Express, and many others.


Nylasint is a specially-processed porous nylon containing an interconnected micron-sized pore structure.  This

micro-porosity permits Nylasint to absorb and permanently retain fluids with a capacity of 23% to 30% by

volume.  When combined with oil, Nylasint produces a permanently-lubricated bearing that is used in 

applications within the aerospace and defense industries.  Additionally, Nylasint has been supplied in a non-

inked form to the aerospace and film industries.  

For more information about our product and its uses, please see our Product Information page. 


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Who We Are

National Roller Supply, Inc was founded in 1981 by Dennis Crowley in Charlotte, NC.  Mr. Crowley was an authorized Datacard Dealer (Crowley Communications) who began purchasing ink rollers in high volumes from The Polymer Corporation and re-selling them to dealers like himself.  At that time, there were two main suppliers of hard porous ink rollers used in the plastic card industry: The Polymer Corporation and Day International. 

In 1991, The Polymer Corporation notified their customers that they would no longer be manufacturing the Nylasint material, which is the primary component used in the National Roller Supply ink roller.  After negotiating a deal, half of the manufacturing process was moved from Reading, PA and the other half was moved from Wytheville, VA into our current facility in Gastonia, NC.

In 1992 Chris Angstadt, who had been with The Polymer Corporation in Wytheville, VA for the previous 5 years, agreed to relocate to Gastonia, NC.  Chris was an integral part in making this move a success.  Chris has been involved in the production of Nylasint since 1986.  In 2005, Chris assumed the role of Plant Manager in addition to his role as Process Manager.

In September of 1993, Mike Harris came to work for National Roller Supply as a general factory helper.  He became familiar with the entire operation over the 4 months that he was employed.  He left the company for a short time to pursue another opportunity, but early in 1995, he was contacted by National Roller Supply and was offered the position of Operations Manager, a position held for 14 years by Jim Stout.  In 2005, Mike assumed the role of General Manager.

In 2012 Mr. Crowley made a decision to fully retire.  During a search for a potential buyer for National Roller Supply, Mike Harris and Chris Angstadt approached Mr. Crowley with an offer for an employee buy-out.  In March of 2013, Mike Harris and Christopher Angstadt formed Nylasint Products Inc. doing business as National Roller Supply.  In addition to Mike and Chris' experience, Nylasint Products still employs their lead machinist who has over 20 years of experience in compression molding and machining.

Nylasint Products Inc. still continues to produce the same Nylasint Ink Rollers.  In September of 2014, National Roller Supply was approached by The Flint Group, owner of Day International.  We were being informed of Day International's decision to close their operation, thus leaving Nylasint Products Inc/National Roller Supply as the lone manufacturer of hard porous ink rollers in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the few in the entire world. 

Nylasint Products Inc. expects to continue to lead the world in hard porous ink roller production, however in addition to the equipment purchases we have made to achieve this, we also expect to make strides in the alternative uses for the non-inked Nylasint products.


Our Nylasint ink rollers are consistently recognized as the best on the market today.

​We supply stock rollers for all major imprinter manufacturers, incuding: Newbold, Addressograph, NBS, Norcom, American Express, DataCard, and Card Technology.


National Roller Supply is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Nylasint ink rollers.

​We have been leading the ink roller industry since opening our doors in 1980. 

National Roller Supply is the only manufacturer of Nylasint ink rollers in the world.

Over 24 years of research and design has been invested into crafting the highest quality ink rollers on the market today.

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-- Superior print quality and longevity

​-- Fewer complaints and service calls

​-- Fresh product, direct from the manufacturer

--Cleaner and easier to handle, with virtually no bleeding